Youth Jazz Orchestra – rehearsals to return Monday 25 October (week 4)

Dear YJO members and families

Of all the ensembles and programs here at the Conservatorium, our lovely YJO people have been impacted the most by change and disruption and more change.  I thank you all for your ongoing enthusiasm for playing music together.

A big thanks to Justin Bannister who has accepted the offer to facilitate YJO rehearsals for the remainder of 2021.  Justin joined the Conservatorium this year teaching piano, voice and drums and has a wealth of song-writing and performance experience nationally and internationally.

During term 4, Justin and YJO will be working towards a concert for the final week of Term which will take place during the usual Monday night rehearsal time.  Weather permitting, we will look at either a Keen St Courtyard or Lismore Quad performance.

YJO Junior – as we are not able to staff the Tuesday rehearsals, members of YJO Jr will be welcome to join the YJO Senior rehearsals from Monday 1 November (week 5).

Anita Bellman

Executive Director