Workshops with Musicians from the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra- June 29

On June 29th, the Northern Rivers Conservatorium is hosting two workshops with Musicians from the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra. The first workshop is specifically for Bass and Woodwind players commencing at 10am.

Mark Bain and Jillian Norton are both highly skilled and experienced educators and performers. With decades of knowledge and dedication to music, they are here to offer students a chance to draw on their expertise and mastery of their instruments.

The day will begin with a group breathing session, followed by separate wind and brass warm-ups and masterclasses. Suitable for all students, especially those with upcoming AMEB exams or school recitals.

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Workshop #2 will be held at 1pm

Performance Under Pressure- Dealing with Nerves and Performing your best

Do you struggle with nerves, anxiety, and coping with the pressure associated with performing? Is getting up on stage a terrifying and stressful experience for you? Would you like to start enjoying performing more, whilst improving concentration, confidence and your overall performance standard?

As a professional musician in one of Australia’s major performing arts companies, I have to deal with the pressure and anxiety associated with performance on a daily basis. Over the course of my career I have worked extensively on the psychological aspects of performing which has enabled me to play consistently well under pressure time and time again.

In this presentation I will be revealing some of the secrets of my success. From mindset and preparation, to game-changing tips and tricks that will help you overcome fear and anxiety and perform your best. Scientifically proven strategies will transform your performance and take it to the next level. What should you focus on when performing? How can squeezing a tennis ball or standing like your favourite superhero help you perform better? What 3 words can turn anxiety into success? Come along to find out!

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