Twilight Concert No 3

Our last Twilight Concert for Term 1 is on next Tuesday, 28th March between 6.30 – 7.30pm.

We have a range of instrumental/voice students keen to perform.

A reminder about performance attire, please make sure that your attire is appropriate to perform in. Although this is a student performance, it is treated professionally and your audience would like the performers to prepare accordingly. From this, I do not mean you are required to wear formal dresses and tuxedos, but a nice dress or slacks and a nice top (not too revealing) for the ladies and gentlemen, a nice pair of slacks with covered shoes and a nice top (button up preferred). Ladies remember that if you are planning on wearing high heels, practice playing/singing in them first, if you normally practice in flat shoes or bare feet, you support systems and breathing are different when wearing heels.

Performers will be required to introduce their pieces and composer. They are expected to practice stagecraft by approaching the stage confidently, saying in a loud voice ‘Good Evening, tonight I will be performing…composed by…’ ‘I would like to thank my teacher…’ and if required ‘My accompanist is…’. Also at the end of your piece, acknowledge the applause from the audience and make your bow. I will go through all of this again on Tuesday night (with cheat sheets on the stage for the performers).

Looking forward to Tuesday night.

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