Learning the guitar takes time, patience, dedication and a great teacher. It’s just become a little bit easier with free guitar plectrums and a scholarship giving half price music lessons for a whole year, courtesy of Summerland Credit Union. But these are no ordinary plectrums. They are made from old credit cards. As an initiative of Summerland’s Environmental Journey, Summerland collects plastic cards from the community and creates plectrums out of the plastic.

“‘It gives a second life to the plastic which would usually be just shredded and wasted. We’re always on the lookout for new ways to be more environmentally sustainable and this way, by donating the plectrums to guitar students, it’s good for the environment and helps students to learn to be a musician,” said Margot Sweeny, Summerland’s CEO. Margot continued, “We selected Northern Rivers Conservatorium as they run a fantastic music program in schools and reducing the cost helps the program to extend a bit further.” In addition, Summerland is providing a scholarship to a student which will halve the cost of music lessons for the whole year.

Anyone interested in learning guitar and being considered for the scholarship, should contact Northern Rivers Conservatorium in Lismore on 6621 2266. Anita Bellman, Executive Director of Northern Rivers Conservatorium said, ”It’s wonderful to have Summerland’s support. The scholarship and free plectrums are music to my ears!”


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Turning credit cards into plectrums at the Northern Rivers Conservatorium are guitar teachers Alex McLeod and Jeremy White, students Byron & Sinead and Summerland Frontline Manager, Kelly Burns.

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