The teaching staff and management of the Northern Rivers Conservatorium worked together to create our Music Education Statement.  We are proud to share this with our Conservatorium students, parents and stakeholders, the Northern Rivers community and beyond.


Northern Rivers Conservatorium Music Education Statement


The Northern Rivers Conservatorium aims to create a community of people who are happily committed to pursuing the art of music making to their highest capacity through the provision of quality, accessible music education to residents of the Northern Rivers region.

To meet this aim our qualified teachers engage in regular professional development to ensure they remain abreast of current trends and practices in the delivery of holistic music education via instrumental, ensemble and theory lessons. Our teachers model musicianship, inspiring and empowering students through their passion, their own performances, and their professionalism.

Our team of teachers work together to ensure all aspects of music learning are addressed through both lesson and performance experiences, including:


Our specialist teachers encourage deliberate and regular practice incorporating techniques specific to each instrument, presented via carefully sequenced lessons. Notation skills are developed using a variety of means, including ICT, and with attention to accuracy of style and musical convention.


Students’ musical potential is increased through the incorporation of theoretical aspects in all lessons. The teaching of musical literacy, aural skills and musicology in relation to instrumental or vocal performance enables informed playing, as well as the ability to apply musical skills to other contexts.


Our students are encouraged to apply their musical knowledge and experience to new contexts, to create music of their own, and to collaborate with other musicians in music-making.


Ensembles provide an opportunity to apply musical knowledge and skills to collaborative music-making and contribute to our culture of performance. The provision of bootcamps and workshops aids in performance preparation and contributes to self-confidence in performance. The inclusion of common repertoire across ensembles enables large ensemble or group performances.


Student progress is monitored at each individually-tailored lesson and reported formally each semester.  The dedicated music teaching staff are able to expertly support students in preparation for external examinations such as AMEB, Trinity, NSW HSC as well as those undertaken at a post-secondary and tertiary level.

Northern Rivers Conservatorium is committed to developing a sense of community, and invites whole-family involvement in music activities, performances and learning. We are dedicated to


  • the facilitation of lifelong learning and love of music through positive interactions;
  • holistic education, incorporating physical, emotional, cognitive and social engagement;
  • and empowerment of the individual through the nurturing of self-confidence, self-esteem and musical skills and encouragement of risk-taking for learning within a safe, supportive environment.
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