Thank you for a wonderful 2019.

We come to the end of another year and once again, it’s been a year of wonderful achievements by our students at whatever level they are in their music education.

As Director of the Northern Rivers Conservatorium, I am enormously proud of you all and take this opportunity to congratulate all our students and thank our extraordinary staff for their dedication and commitment to music education. In those thanks, I also include all the parents and carers who support their budding musicians in so many ways – you too can take a quiet bow as you see the progress your children have made this year.

As usual, there are many highlights of 2019 and in fact, too many to list but some that stand out that are worthy of special mention are the following:

  • Four of our Youth Jazz Orchestra have been admitted to Monash University’s Jazz  program
  • Tilly Jones has had two of her original compositions performed- one by at the Rivers of Light Festival Moorambilla Voices and one in the recent Camera Obscura performance.
  • Our grand old building has undergone part of its renovation with the significant work in our performance space, administration offices and in some tuition rooms.

There is much that goes on behind the scenes in any complex learning environment and I take this opportunity to also thank the wonderful office support staff who help keep the focus on teaching and learning but without whose help, we could not deliver our programs as we do. Thank you also to our Board for their support, stability and guidance.

2020 promises to be another big year for our NR Conservatorium. Building works to improve accessibility and highlight the beautiful bones of our home will continue into the new year but as always, our focus will be on music education.

As I told Southern Cross University graduates at their recent ceremony, I’m proud to lead an organisation, firmly embedded in the community, dedicated wholly and solely to something that I believe in passionately to the core of my being. Access to quality music education. There is an immense body of research that attests to the positive impact that music education has on brain development, cognitive function, the acquisition of language, motor skills, social inclusion and cohesion and emotional intelligence and well-being. The myriad of ways in which music can enrich and even save a life, enliven a community and lift the spirit are countless. Music can touch our hearts, move us to tears, spark an irresistible urge to move.

As teachers, students and parents share that passion, I’m confident that together we can again achieve great things in 2020.

Meanwhile I wish you all a rejuvenating and safe Festive Season.

See you in a bright, music filled New Year

Anita Bellman
Executive Director

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