Prices are based on a 10 week term
Annual Registration Fee$30 per student
Individual music tuition – 30 minutes$370 per term
Shared music tuition – 30 minutes (2 to 3 students MUSIC IN SCHOOLS only)$185 per term
Individual music tuition – 45 minutes$555 per term
Individual music tuition – 60 minutes$740 per term
ECM – Little Sprouts/SeedlingsCasual – $13 per class
10-week block – $110
ECM – Saplings6-week block – $110
Ensemble – Youth Jazz Orchestra$210 per term
Ensemble – Youth Jazz Orchestra Jr$180 per term
Ensemble – Chamber Strings$210 per term
Ensemble – Junior Strings$160 per term
Ensemble – Cello$180 per term
Ensemble – Soul Good Band$180 per term
Ensemble - Vox Caldera Chamber Choir$120 per term
School Bands$160 per term
Visiting Artists Concert Workshop and Masterclass Series$15-$50 per event
Instrument Hire$11–50 per week

Please note: Our Lesson and Ensemble/Band fees are calculated on the standard 10 week Department of Education School Terms. Any term period that is not 10 weeks or an enrolment after the term start date will have fees adjusted to suit.