Conditions of Enrolment


• An enrolment becomes valid and lessons can commence upon confirmation of lesson placement by the Music Programs Coordinator or Northern Rivers Conservatorium (NRC) Administration.
• Enrolment is continuing for the whole calendar year until notice of withdrawal. (see Student Withdrawal)
• Term dates for Community Music are as published by the NSW Department of Education, with Music in
Schools term dates as advised by your participating school.
• Music in Schools schedules of lessons are available online at and it is the responsibility of
parents/carers/student to ensure that they have the latest timetable.
• In those cases where a student is undecided/unsure about commencing study in a particular instrument, a 30-
minute casual lesson can be arranged with an appropriate tutor to discuss the student’s needs and
aspirations. This is charged at the casual lesson rate.

• A Registration fee is payable once a year by every student enrolled.
• An invoice for fees will be raised at the beginning of each term for all enrolled students.
• Fees are on a term basis and payable within 7 days of the date of invoice unless admin has agreed to weekly
payment arrangements.
• In the event of financial hardship, please contact the office to discuss payment plans and/or apply for fee
assistance through our Bursary program.
• Any student with outstanding fees from a previous term will be automatically withdrawn. Students may only
re-enrol if accounts are paid in full or an approved payment schedule implemented; in this case it may not be
possible to provide the student with the same lesson time, day or teacher.
Delivery of Lessons

• Lessons begin and end promptly at the designated time.
Missed Lessons / Refunds

NRC must be informed of all absences, with 24hrs notice where possible – see below notice options: Phone – reception on 66 212 266
SMS - 0448 026 211 – this is for text only, can’t take calls on it/voice mail etc.
Email –
• Credits or refunds are not given for missed lessons, unless due to Tutor absence.
Makeup Lessons

• Tutors can supply makeup lessons only if they have available time and have received more than 24hrs notice
of the absence (see allowances below) However we do offer one of the following options per term:
a. Community Music ONLY - 1 make-up lesson per term, if possible as above.
b. Community Music & Music in Schools – 1 free attendance to one of the holiday make-up workshops
offered each year that is equivalent to 2hrs music education activity.
c. Community Music & Music in Schools - 1 free ticket to NRC visiting artists concert/workshop events.
Change of Teacher

• NRC reserves the right to supply a substitute tutor if the original tutor is unavailable.
Student Withdrawal

• Two weeks’ notification is required for any withdrawal and must be given in writing to the NRC office.

• NRC reserves the right to review and implement changes to fees at any time.
• Our tutors reserve the right to discontinue lessons where student behavior or attitude is deemed