Magnify your curiosity with the Arts Vs Science Festival!

Bringing its own unique mix of science and art to The Quad for a one day festival on 18 August 2018 to celebrate National Science Week, the Arts Vs Science Festival is Lismore’s own petri dish of creative exploration – and its paint palette of scientific discovery has just dropped. Find out what happens when you put art and science in a test tube and shake it!

Now in its third year thanks to the support of Inspiring Australia, the Arts Vs Science Festival brings together artists and scientists (and everyone in between) from some of the region’s leading education, research and action institutions. The Festival features art, music and science at six venues across The Quad, Lismore’s very own creative playground.

“This event is a fantastic way to showcase experimental and cross-disciplinary platforms in an open-air environment which is what our program is all about,” said Quadrangle Placemaking officer Marisa Snow.

“All the Quadrangle stakeholders are working with the Northern Rivers Science Hub to contribute to the program in various ways; from plant-dyeing workshops in the Gallery, to science labs run by the Library, and a fascinating exploration of the science of sound from the Conservatorium.


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