Some of you may know me already, but if not My name’s Tilly. I’m currently in year 12 and I’ve been doing music lessons at the Con (Northern Rivers Conservatorium) for 10 years. I never thought I’d be spending my 10th year doing lessons at home but here we are!

I primarily play cello and compose music, but I also play piano, violin and clarinet. Normally, I’d spend my Wednesday (literally, 9am til
7pm) at the Con doing composition and cello lessons and string ensemble but like everyone else, my family and I are venturing into the world of online learning.

Luckily, I have been doing distance education for 3 years so it wasn’t too much of a change for me. At 9am, my mum Marj has her cello lesson with the wonderful Michael McCabe followed by a joint theory lesson together.


After lunch, I have composition with the amazing Mark Bromley. We have been experimenting with different ways to do this, as usually I’m using Sibelius or dorico to compose in my lesson. We’ve found that Zoom is best for this. With zoom, I have the ability to share my screen and computer sound with my teacher. This is a really good feature because then Mark can see and hear what I am composing using Dorico in real-time. 

I have found a set up that lets me use 2 separate inputs on Zoom, one for speaking to Mark (with my headphone mic) and the other for my instrument, which Mark can hear when I share my computer sound. You can do this just with Garageband and a basic audio interface, I highly recommend it, especially for electric guitarists.


I also do my cello lessons with Thomas Zachary via Zoom now which has been great. I’ve quite enjoyed the ability to see myself more (shh) because I can actually see my posture, bow hold etc and realise what I’m doing wrong.

I’m realising a lot of things!




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