Early Childhood Music

Our Early Childhood Music department is committed to ensuring that all children have access to the benefits of music education from early in life.

As well as our continuum of classes from Sprouts through to Saplings, we offer regular professional development workshops for Early Childhood Educators and Primary School Teachers in early stage one.

We can also provide specialist Early Childhood Music teachers to visit your centre and present a regular music program.



More Information

To find out more contact our Early Childhood Music Coordinator.


Community Studies classes run per NSW Department of Education school term.



Little Sprouts Age 1-3

Big Sprouts Age 3-5

Held in Lismore.

Our music program is designed to nurture children’s instinctive love of music and rhythm, and to develop their enjoyment and understanding of music in a playful and creative learning environment. Our classes are carefully structured using age appropriate songs, rhythms, movement activities and musical games, providing opportunities for all children to learn through participation in musical activities at levels consistent with their stage of learning.

Sprouts are developing the foundations of music skills including pitch, rhythm, dynamics, tempo, and hand coordination.

Classes are either combined ages or divided into ‘Big’ and ‘Little Sprouts’ when there are larger enrolments. Currently we have a combined class at 9.30 – 10.15am on Tuesday.


Music in Preschools

As part of the Northern Rivers Conservatorium ECM program, we offer quality music sessions in Pre-schools in the Northern Rivers region.

Our music sessions are carefully structured using age appropriate songs, games and movement activities, as well as encouraging creativity, so that children may develop a positive and enjoyable relationship to music. We provide opportunities for all students to learn through participation in musical activities at levels consistent with their stage of learning.

An appointed professional music teacher will visit your school. Music sessions run for one hour. It is recommended that you book for a 4-5 week block as children will benefit from having consistency. Session cost: $100

Professional Development

Primary school teachers

(Early stage one and stage one)

This BOSTES accredited 3 hour workshop is developed in line with the Department of Education Stage One and Early Stage One Creative Arts Curriculum.

This course presents information about the importance and benefits of music in the developing child, inspired by the music educational work of Kodaly and Dalcroze as well as recent studies of child development.

Participants learn age appropriate repertoire, great rhythms and actions as well as essential musical concepts and fun games to take back to their school, with guidance on how to teach them to children.

Workshops included information pack, lyric sheets and a CD of songs covered.

*Certificate course  *CD, lyrics and music education notes provided.

Cost $90 per person  $270 up to 4 staff

Professional Development

Preschool teachers workshop

This 3 hour BOSTES accredited workshop runs annually as part of our Early Childhood Music program at the Northern Rivers Conservatorium Arts Centre.

This PD workshop is for everyone interested in bringing fresh musical ideas into the classroom. No previous musical experience or knowledge is required.

In this workshop you will build teaching resources, age appropriate repertoire and fun musical games that involve listening, interaction, singing, rhythm and movement. You will learn about the benefits of music in child development and build practical tools and confidence to take back to the classroom.

Felicity Clifton and Rochelle Wright are teachers have worked in the early childhood music sector for over a decade, have a BA degree in Contemporary Music, and a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.

*Certificate course  *CD, lyrics and music education notes provided.

Cost $90 per person  $270 up to 4 staff

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